The Alchemy of A Conscious Business – Workshop – London
18 July 2019 9:30 am
The Conduit
40 Conduit Street
United Kingdom
 A Workshop created to show Entrepreneurs and Executives how to reconnect to themselves and engage in business from an Awakened Perspective.

About this Event

The Alchemy of a Conscious Business

Meet Vivek and Dakini, who have transformed businesses and lives through presence in the moment. This workshop is made to allow you to experience and discover this for yourself.

This event is designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and team managers.


Let’s say it how it is: Entrepreneurs and executives work crazy hours and for most, this generates huge stress.

Almost everybody struggles and suffers from this – CEOs just as much as their employees. We try everything possible to make, become and grow, and often burn out trying. The ones who make a lot of money are considered good businessmen or women, even if their health or personal life is poor or uncared for.

Stress is counterbalanced by pleasant weekend plans or holidays, which usually just involves more activity. Many consume alcohol or drugs, as a way to temporarily distract themselves. No real relaxation or connection ever happens because everyone is always moving onto the next experience and we remain completely disconnected from ourselves.

We try to succeed using our minds only. Most of us are completely unaware of what mind really is. We have never examined it because we don’t have any teaching in this area in our education systems, so nobody knows anything other than mind-based living.

When we don’t understand the nature of the mind, we suffer as its slave. Our mind is not even ours to begin with – it is an accumulation of patterns and conditioning that we have learned from our families, educators and environment.

This tool called mind has, from the awakened perspective, no more than 5% of our true capacity for intelligence.

And it is with this tool of recycled knowledge that most of us try to bring new solutions to an already messed-up world. Here lies the joke.

Now, we are seeing businesses starting that are not just mind-based. They come from a deeper understanding of life that includes mind, feelings, emotions, but is not ruled by them. That depth comes from consciousness itself, which we can also call stillness: a pure state of no-mind. This is when business is no longer deliberate but instead becomes intuitive.

All intelligence/intuition/knowledge comes from there. Everything that really touches us as humans comes from there and when business starts to come from there too, we will see major changes in this world; and all who are involved will be truly satisfied with their contribution and involvement.


In this workshop, you have the rare opportunity to learn:

  • What real business is
  • Less intention, more intuition
  • How to get rid of stress
  • How to align your business with your deepest truth
  • How to develop your natural intuition
  • How to remain present in adversity
  • How not to lose yourself in what you do
  • How to ‘switch off’ when needed
  • Where true creativity comes from


Vivek and Dakini combine wisdom with practice to bring what they teach to life. Come and realise the power of your presence through your own experience.

Workshop Structure

9:30-10:00 – Welcoming, teas and coffees.

10:00-12:00 – Discussion, exploration and Q&A – the nature of mind, business and our environment.

12:00-13:30 – Delicious, fresh lunch catered for by the Conduit. Learn more about the Conduit food here.

13:30-15:30 – Practical application – learn simple ways to bring your presence to work and everything you do. An opportunity for further questions and exploration.

About Vivek

As a young businessman, Vivek was very successful in reaching his own professional goals at a very young age. He achieved this success at the expense of his own physical and mental wellbeing. He felt trapped in a permanent treadmill of thinking and doing and trying to achieve.

He had the realisation that none of these exterior goals were bringing him happiness. This led to a radical change in his life; the deep longing for freedom and awakening made him sell everything and he started his journey of self-inquiry.

For many years he studied the traditional way of yoga and meditation, visited many awakened teachers and moved all his attention towards awakening and enlightenment. He found what he was looking for upon meeting his teacher, Shanti. Here, his search ended with a clear self-realisation.

Vivek now teaches spirituality and holds events over Europe and India.
Learn more about Vivek and his work here

About Dakini

Dakini’s life also led her to discover stillness. By age 21, she was doing work she loved and fulfilled in her personal life also. Despite this, she experienced a feeling of something missing, and desperately searched for this in all the ways she could find.

After two years of searching and not finding, she came into contact with Vivek. From their first meeting, she knew her search had ended. Vivek showed Dakini that was she was ‘missing’ was in her all along.

Dakini (Dakini Alexandra Isenegger) still works in business, running legal platform ‘Linkilaw’. She now speaks about ‘remaining still in the chaos that is entrepreneurship’ and coaches entrepreneurs to the same. She is recognised as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 and was named Young Entrepreneur of The Year by Find out more about Dakini here.


The Conduit, 40 Conduit Street, London, W1S 2YQ,United Kingdom

The Conduit is a members’ club in central Mayfair. In their own words – ‘The Conduit serves as a home for a diverse community of people passionate about driving social change’.
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