To retreat means that we take some time off from our usual daily schedules. We stop working, we stop family business, we stop all other responsibilities and we fully focus on direct self inquiry for a period of 5 to 7 days. It is the opportunity to stop the behaviours that we are most accustomed to, to dive deep into the silence of the retreat and the discovery of one’s true self.

During a retreat Vivek holds 2 Satsangs per day. His presence and teaching brings our attention to this moment, where it is possible to discover a much more profound understanding of oneself.

Vivek’s openness and ongoing support enables retreat participants to realise for themselves what is true, free themselves from mental, emotional or energetic blocks and ultimately discover the freedom of who they are.

The energy field that builds up during this time allows participants to go deep in their own individual process, finding the answers to the most personal and spiritual questions.

Vivek’s teaching is direct and intimate, gently supporting participants through anything that arises throughout their self-enquiry, until they realise the freedom and peace of who they truly are.

The retreats are located in very beautiful, peaceful, natural and high vibrational parts of the world. This is most conducive to your contemplation, allowing you to completely relax, let go of daily life, stop the activity of the mind and simply return to your true nature.

A retreat provides plenty of time to immerse yourself into the truth of your own being, always supported by Vivek’s presence. This time is a real gift, a wonderful opportunity to come together as a loving and present community to live what Vivek calls “The Art of an Awakened Life”.

There is also a wonderful aspect to Vivek as he really loves to live life with all of it’s aspects. He often shows us how to deeply enjoy the surrounding nature, the ocean and lakes, as well as the local people, culture, food, wines and music. He knows the places by heart and sometimes shows us hidden treasures like secludes beaches, authentic foods, amazing restaurants or tavernas. Music and dance often happens spontaneously as he and some of his students are wonderful musicians, too!

A retreat with Vivek is for everybody who is interest in awakening, in deepening their awakening and in living the truth – and in living life to the fullest.

Vivek holds yearly retreats in Spain, Greece, Lithuania, Germany and France. He also regularly visits the UK, Portugal and Italy, where he holds Open Satsang.


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