to your

true self


Satsang is a meeting with your true self.


A full day in the intensive and powerful energyfield of the Satsang.


A Retreat is the possibility to give yourself a full week of selfinquiry. 

One to one 

A one-to-one session you can have a direct look at your personal topics with Vivek.

Upcoming events

Dear friends of truth, 

Vivek so appreciates participating in his beloved Guruji’s Shantis Satsangs, and the amazing energy field that is building up with them, that he wholeheartedly invites and recommends you all to join him there.

They take place every Tuesday and Friday at 19:30 UK time. 

Vivek won´t be holding the Sunday Satsangs until we have found a way to schedule it differently.

For more information about the Satangs please visit Shanti´s Website:


or you can get your ticket directly via:

Vivek is looking forward to seeing you in Shanti´s Satsang.


All Events

Vivek is a Satsang teacher in the lineage of Ramana Maharshi.
He is holding Satsang in Europe, serving the awakening of humanity.


More about Vivek


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