Awaken to your true self


Satsang is a spiritual meeting with an awakened teacher.
It is a meditative, seated meeting that usually lasts about two hours.
Vivek speaks out of the moment and participants can ask their questions.


Intensive days are an invitation to approach self inquiry with the direct and ever present guidance of a teacher. By simply stopping all activity, all re-activity, and all thought of ‘something else’, we move into this very moment.


Retreat means you give yourself time to retreat from everything to connect open and allow yourself to deepen and discover the freedom to be who you really are.

One to one session

A one-to-one session with Vivek is a powerful opportunity to look closely at you and your awakening.
Vivek meets you directly as you are and offers guidance from a pofoundly deep level.

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Through dialogue and the meeting with Vivek the mind comes to rest. It unfolds an insight into deep levels of ones consciousness. People can see who they really are. They experience the freedom and joy, to be the way they truely are.
Vivek’s clear sight and healing presence permeates his satsangs and seminars.
He meets each person from where they are and supports them to realize the source of they´r being in a very natural, direct, authentic and simple way.

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