Satsang is a meeting with your true self.
It is an invitation for you to realise your true nature.
Satsang is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to be in company of truth’ or ‘a gathering of people who seek to investigate the highest truth’.
It is a meeting where spiritual seekers, people who are interested in awakening and enlightenment, participate to be in the presence of an awakened teacher and inquire on who they truly are.
The immediate experience of the presence of an awakened teacher enables the participants to directly realise their true nature.
This is often perceived as an fulfilled state of deep peace and stillness, when the mind comes to rest and one realises oneself as pure consciousness.
With crystal clear seeing, Vivek distinguishes between truth and illusion, permanently guiding you to a direct realisation of your true self and to higher levels of consciousness.
Participants can just simply be in Satsang and enjoy Vivek’s radiance, listen to the discourses or ask any question.
Satsang is a seated meeting and lasts for 2 hours.

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