Through dialogue and direct meeting with Vivek the mind comes to rest. It unfolds an insight into deep levels of ones consciousness. People can see who they really are and experience freedom and joy, to be who they truely are.

Vivek’s clear sight and healing presence permeates his satsangs and seminars.
He meets each person from where they are and supports them to realize the source of their being in a very natural, direct, authentic and simple way.


As a young businessman Vivek was very successful in  reaching his own proffessional  goals. He achieved this success at the expense of his own physical and mental wellbeing. He felt trapped on a permanent treadmill of thinking and doing.

He had the realization that none of these exteriorgoals were bringing him happiness. This led to a radical change in his life; the deep longing for freedom and awakening made him sell everythting and he started his journey of self-inquiry.

He traveled to different countries and spent a lot of time with meditation, contemplation and being all one in stillness.

He studied the traditional way of yoga in an indian ashram, visited many Satsang teachers and moved all his attention towards awakening and enlightenment.

Spending time with his teachers Shanti, Gangaji and John de Ruiter he experienced the tranformative power of Advaita. Here his search ended with a clear self-realization.

According to the indian tradition Shanti gave him the name of Vivek, the task to hold Satsang and to pass  the truth to other people.

Vivek teaches the Advaita Vedanta in the lineage of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

He holds Satsang and Retreats in many countries.

As well as teaching he is the founder and mentor of the 9 Steps®” programm, which is a training leading to the healing of emotional blockages and leading to awakening.

Explanation Sanskrit:

(Vivek: knowing the difference between truth and illusion)
(Advaita: non duality – oneness)
(Satsang: sat = truth – sangha = community)

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