Men unplugged, Finca de la Jara,Tarifa
3. - 7. April 2019
Rewilding Bushcraft
Finca de la Jara
Facinas, Tarifa

We invite you to join us on a journey to discover what it means to be a man in the 21st century; to unplug from stories, preconceptions and expectations.
The course is set in beautiful wild nature so you will also unplug from your work, phones and duties. This is a time for you.

This retreat will look to answer a number of questions:
What does it mean to you to be a man?
What is male for you?
What is the role of men in our high tech nature disconnected time?

Join us for 5 days of adventure, connection, nature and the discovery of your male essence.


During the day you will take part in a variety of adventurous, challenging and exciting activities. These will include:

Making fire the ancient way and cooking over it. What does it mean to be the fire keeper, to create this most primal of technologies.

Carving with knives and axes. Sitting together shaping and crafting, feeling strength and creativity in our hands.

Rough housing games and dealing with confrontation and physicality.

Finding your voice and body through movement, music and singing. Letting go of fear, shame and judgement.

Team building through a survival challenge, learning how to lead and to be led.

Rediscovering the strength of our bodies through team based adventure and fitness games, archery and axe throwing.

Cooking and preparing food together.

After our dinner we move into silence and this is a time to reflect in a shared safe circle. Vivek will help guide you through emotions and feelings as they arise through Satsang. This is where we meet each other in truth and vulnerability, the true warrior state.


We will be based at the beautiful five hectare estate of Finca de la Jara in Andalucía, which is located on the edge of the sub-tropical National Park of Los Alcornacales.

You will be staying in our luxury bell tents, yurt or wooden caravan. Each of these is equipped with real beds and solar lighting. The tents are dotted about the estate in their own glades and along the river.

The food will be high quality local and seasonal produce bought from the village of Facinas. We will supplement this with wild foods caught from the river, delicious crayfish and tasty freshwater fish. Cooking and preparing the food together will be an important aspect of creating trust and friendship. Where possible we will cook outdoors over the open fire, roasting meats and vegetables, baking bread and grilling fish.


Like all journeys and adventures, this is a time of discovery, of seeing where we are stuck, what our limitations are, as well as uncovering meaning and direction in life.

Meeting our maleness will allow us to meet the women in our lives with greater honour, presence and truth.

It will also help us to find balance in ourselves and between other men and through these to shift our relationship with the earth from plunderer to guardian.

We are ready to meet you.

695,- EUR  including accommodation & food  (plus travel costs)

Flight to be booked by yourself; next airports: Jerez de la Frontera, Malaga and Sevilla
ARRIVAL DATE: Tuesday April 3rd / afternoon
DEPARTURE DATE: Monday April 8th / after breakfast


Malena Claudia Mandl
+49 170 9608354

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