Online Retreat
6. - 11. September 2020

Online Satsang Retreat

“The finding happens when the searching stops, so stop now.” – Vivek

Vivek invites you to retreat with him online. This is the opportunity to take time away from your daily life and truthfully prioritise your awakening. This is a 6-day retreat, an open space for deep and intense personal processes to happen, with the direct guidance of an awakened One. Vivek’s open awareness and loving presence supports you: to deepen, to recognise your true being and learn how to live the art of an awakened life. Ask any question that arises for you, no matter what it is, or simply tune into Vivek’s presence. Truly take this opportunity to receive the support that is here for you. By being open and being in retreat with Vivek, radical transformation can happen.

First Day of Retreat: 6 September
Last Day of Retreat: 11 September

DAILY SATSANG TIMES (German Timezone):
We will meet twice per day for online Satsang.
11am – 1pm
5pm – 7pm

Please join the Satsang meeting 15 minutes before we begin. Kindly check the timings for your own country.
Outside of the Satsang hours, you have free time. Vivek recommends for you to stay connected and with your self-enquiry during this time. Let the Truth and the recognition of your own nature take full priority.

It is a full 6-day retreat, but for those who can’t make the whole retreat can join for the first 3 days.

FULL 6 DAY RETREAT: 6-11th September

3 DAYS RETREAT: 6-8th September


Register your place by filling in the registration form or by emailing Malena:
The registration for the Online Retreat will close on Saturday 5th of September.
The joining instructions and payment details will be sent to you upon registration.
Contact Malena as early as possible to support a smooth running process.

“There so much power in connecting with Vivek online. The energy is right here, in our heart, in our home, in our daily life – penetrating everything with Vivek’s pure and clear awareness.”
– Miriam Annabelle Moncur

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