Online Intensive Weekend
26. - 28. June 2020

How to Live an Awakened Life

The Online Satsang Intensive is an invitation to approach self inquiry with the direct and ever present guidance of a teacher.
By simply stopping all activity, all re-activity, and all thought of ‘something else’, we move into this very moment. In this moment lives pure open awareness, limitless and free; this is your nature. Vivek is here to support you to realise this.

This intensive weekend is an opportunity to bring awareness to areas where you may feel stuck, be it on a mental, emotional or physical level. Like peeling an onion, Vivek guides participants to see all layers of identification in a very simple and direct way. By bringing awareness to what is at the core,
ego-activity is dropped. We see it for what it is, and we can simply come home to our nature.

As the word “intensive” expresses, the process is much more intense than a single Satsang. Through participating, deeper levels of realization can occur, revealing the answers to the most profound spiritual questions of our being here.

Here is the freedom to live from the ground of true being. Vivek supports you to realise this completely.

The Intensive comprises 5 Satsangs: 1 Satsang on Friday evening, 2 Satsangs on Saturday and 2 Satsangs on Sunday. It is only possible to join the entirety of the Intensive to preserve the energy of the space.

190 Euros

All times are displayed in German Time.
Please check the times in your country
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19:00 – 21:00 Welcome Satsang (German time)

Saturday & Sunday 
11:00 – 13:00 Satsang (German time)

17:00 – 19:00 Satsang (German time)

The group always gathers 15 min on Zoom before each Satsang starts.

To register please click here: Online Intensive Weekend
or you can write to Malena on
Registration ends June 25th.

“Vivek is a boundless heart, which, regardless of what happens, remains forever open and accepts everyone and everything, without any desire to change it. That is how I experience him. Because of him I realized what love really is. Because of him I was able to experience real peace and limitless gratitude. Because of him I’m learning to live with an open heart.” – Durga Audra Aleksaite, Vilnius

“I wasn’t sure what to expect going into my first Satsang with Vivek. It’s a very loving and open environment without any judgement and ego. You can sit quietly and listen or choose to talk about any physical/emotional/spiritual subject that you would like and it’s given consideration and thought from a man with no ego, who has experienced a blissful existence. Vivek is one of the great healers and spiritual leaders of our time. You will come out of a Satsang enriched with something you didn’t have when you went in.” – Maddy, London

“There is nothing complex about Vivek or his teaching. Yet, many of us often overlook its simplicity. An Intensive is an opportunity not to overlook. An Intensive is an opportunity to give yourself to yourself and discover truly life changing insights. If what you’re looking for is clarity and freedom, you are looking for Vivek.” – Dakini Alexandra Isenegger, Lisbon

“Vivek’s powerful teaching cuts to the very core of what meditation/spirituality is, it replaces the concept with the direct experience. I really couldn’t recommend highly enough!” – Ishwara David, London

We recommend that you remain in a calm environment where you are able to bring your attention inward; that you can simply and easily focus on your self  realisation for the full duration of the weekend. Set aside as much of daily life as possible, that you are able to receive Vivek’s teachings both during the online meetings and in the space and silence in between.

The online meetings will be held via Zoom – an online conferencing platform. To participate, you will need a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone with:
– A stable wifi/internet connection
– A webcam/camera
– A pair of headphones or the ability to speak through your device

The finer details…
– Please take responsibility to check your equipment is working well.
– Switch off your phone or set it to flight mode. If participating via phone, activate the flight mode and switch on WiFi.
– Be clearly visible on camera, in a well lit space with minimal interruption
– Set your camera at eye level
– Have headphones nearby, to troubleshoot in cases of audio playback

How to put a question to Vivek during the Online Satsang:
– If you wish to ask a question during the online Satsang, you can use the ‘Raise Hand’ feature in Zoom.
– If you wish to lower your hand, click the ‘Lower hand’ icon that will have replaced the ‘Raise hand’ icon.
– If technical difficulties occur while you are in conversation with Vivek, unfortunately, we will have to move on to the next questioner.

The Online Intensive will be in English and will not be translated. If you wish to put a Question to Vivek, it is possible to receive translation support in French, German and Lithuanian. You can request this in the moment, when you raise your hand and come on screen.

The Online Satsangs will be live and recorded. We may publish parts of the Satsangs on Vivek’s Website or his Youtube Channel. By attending an online Satsang you agree to the publication and you agree to Vivek’s Limitation of liability and the Disclaimer, which you find here: Limitation of liability.

The Online Satsangs cannot be recorded by the attendants for private purposes.

Malena Claudia Mandl
+49 170 9608354


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