Online Intensive Day
13 December 2020

Remain where the seeing happens and you are free

This One-Day Intensive with Vivek is an invitation to realise who you truly are and deepen in your awakening.

An intensive day with Vivek is, as you may guess, intense!

Two Satsangs take place and Vivek’s presence is palpable throughout the day. The energy is amplified and radical transformation and deep insights can happen, before, during and after the formal meetings.

The intensive creates an intimate and focused energy field for your spiritual enquiry. You have plenty of time to contemplate and to ask Vivek any questions that may come up. You can also simply tune into Vivek’s presence, or connect with him personally without having a specific question.

Vivek’s open awareness and loving presence support you to deepen: to recognise your true being and to learn the art of living an awakened life.

The freedom of who you are is here to be discovered in this very moment.


The intensive includes two formal Satsang meetings.
The Satsang lasts for 2 hours, though occasionally may be longer.
Please join the Satsang meeting 15 minutes before the start time.

Morning Satsang: 12-2pm
Evening Satsang: 6-8pm

The times listed are in German Timezone. Please kindly check the timing for your own country.

Vivek recommends for you to stay connected and with your self-enquiry for the entire day.
Arrange a quiet, meditative space for yourself, and leave all daily tasks aside.
Let the Truth and the recognition of your own nature take full priority.

The tickets for the intensive are available on eventbrite:

One Day Intensive: 80 Euros
One Satsang Only: 50 Euros

To get your ticket click here:
Eventbrite – Ticket – Online Intensive Day

If you receive a low income and cannot afford the asked price, please contact Malena for a reduced ticket:

The online meetings will be held via Zoom – an online conferencing platform. To participate, you will need a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone with:
– A stable wifi/internet connection
– A webcam/camera
– A pair of headphones or the ability to speak through your device

The finer details…
– Please take responsibility to check your equipment is working well.
– Switch off your phone or set it to flight mode. If participating via phone, activate the flight mode and switch on WiFi.
– Be clearly visible on camera, in a well lit space with minimal interruption
– Set your camera at eye level
– Have headphones nearby, to troubleshoot in cases of audio playback

How to put a question to Vivek during the Online Satsang:
– If you wish to ask a question during the online Satsang, you can use the ‘Raise Hand’ feature in Zoom.
– If you wish to lower your hand, click the ‘Lower hand’ icon that will have replaced the ‘Raise hand’ icon.
– If technical difficulties occur while you are in conversation with Vivek, unfortunately, we will have to move on to the next questioner.

The intensive will be delivered in English with Lithuanian translation throughout.
If you are not familiar with speaking the English language and wish to ask Vivek a question, live translation is also available for German, Hungarian and French speakers.

The Online Satsangs will be live and recorded. We may publish parts of the Satsangs on Vivek’s Website or his Youtube Channel. By attending an online Satsang you agree to the publication and you agree to Vivek’s Limitation of liability and the Disclaimer, which you find here: Limitation of liability.

The Online Satsangs cannot be recorded by the attendants for private purposes.

Malena Claudia Mandl
+49 170 9608354

This intensive is to be approached sincerely. It is for those who seek self-realisation in this lifetime, and who wish to discover the art of living an awakened life.

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