Testimonials Gratitude.. This is what comes up when I think about what it is to have met Vivek. I had previously had many deep spiritual experiences and sat with many different teachers, always searching for a confirmation of something I suspected I already knew. This desire for a confirmation was never satisfied, and I wondered [...]


Advaita Vivek is in the Advaita Vedanta lineage of Ramana Maharshi and is in service to the awakening of humanity. What is Advaita Vedanta? Advaita Vedanta, which translates to "Non-Duality", or "not two", is a practice that leads to direct realisation of the True Self ("Atman"). Through this realisation, a being becomes aware that they [...]

One to One Session

ONE TO ONE SESSION A one-to-one session with Vivek is a powerful opportunity to look closely at you and your awakening. Vivek meets you directly as you are and offers guidance from a pofoundly deep level. During these sessions, you are invited to speak freely and with full confidentiality. Together with his support, whatever may [...]


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VITA Vivek was born in Bavaria, Germany in the summer of 1971. He was raised Christian, attending church every Sunday with his Grandmother. Vivek remembers with fondness the local Priest whose preaching fascinated and delighted him. It was here that Vivek first felt a deep connection to the teachings and wonders of Jesus Christ. As a [...]

The 9Steps®

Basic-Workshop The 9 Steps® - Basic Workshop is the entry into The 9 Steps® education. It provides the 4 basic principles and their application. Duration: 1 day / Fee: 99,- EUROThe 9 Steps ® Module1 - Trainee In this module 1 the 4 principles, being taught in the basic-workshop, are applied. The 9 steps and [...]

Booking & Contact

You can contact us Malena Claudia Mandl Assistant to Vivek Satsang & Retreat Organisation malena@vivek.life Phone: +49 170 9608354 vivek@vivek.life Kontaktas Lietuvoje: Devi Vilma Keidunė Satsangų & retreatų organizavimas Lietuvoje viveklietuva@gmail.com phone: +370 68675862 Booking You can book here. Fill out this form, if you want to register for an event. By sending us this [...]


RETREATS To retreat means that we take some time off from our usual daily schedules. We stop working, we stop family business, we stop all other responsibilities and we fully focus on direct self inquiry for a period of 5 to 7 days. It is the opportunity to stop the behaviours that we are most [...]

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