Intensive days are an invitation to approach self inquiry with the direct and ever present guidance of a teacher. By simply stopping all activity, all re-activity, and all thought of ‘something else’, we move into this very moment. In this moment lives pure open awareness, limitless and free; this is your nature. Vivek is here to support you to realise this.

Intesives are an opportunity to bring awareness to areas where you may feel stuck, be it on a mental, emotional or physical level. Like peeling an onion, Vivek guides participants to see all layers of identification in a very simple and direct way. By bringing awareness to what is at the core, ego-activity is dropped. We see it for what it is, and we can simply come home to our nature.

Two Satsangs are happening through an Intensive day. As the word “intensive” expresses, the process is much more intense than a single Satsang. Through participating, deeper levels of realization can occur, revealing the answers to the most profound spiritual questions of our being here.

Here is the freedom to live from the ground of true being. Vivek supports you to realise this completely.


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