One to One Session

with Vivek
A one-to-one session with Vivek is a powerful opportunity to look closely at you and your awakening.

Vivek meets you directly as you are and offers guidance from a pofoundly deep level.

During these sessions, you are invited to speak freely and with full confidentiality. Together with his support, whatever may appear to be in the way of your liberation can be looked at in a fully focused and radically honest way.

One-to-one sessions provide a private space to explore topics that may feel otherwise difficult to share. It is an opportunity to look deeply at any obstacles as they appear, whether on a mental, emotional or energetic level.

Vivek not only offers direct pointings, but he also shares concrete support to help integrate the teaching and to truly live it.

A one to one session lasts for an hour and is normally held via Skype.

To book and for more information please contact Malena on


„Just by being close to Vivek, you move so much into the present moment, that you become it. The closer you are to the teacher, the more open you become. Then there is nothing to do, it happens by itself.“

 It is not two people sitting in front of each other, it is One-ness, just One.

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