Silent Retreat – Finca de la Jara – Tarifa
5. - 9. December 2018
Finca de la Jara
Rewilding Bushcraft


„Be still and realise I am this“

Beyond the physical, mental and emotional body, there is stillness.
It is the source of our being and the source of everything. Stillness is meditation and meditation is our natural state. Becoming still and remaining silent gives you the opportunity to stop your „personal drama“ and move beyond ego. Stillness of mind is happiness. There you’ll find freedom, peace and love within the stillness.
It feels like coming home.
„It is empty of thoughts, but full of life“.
Your accommodation is in our glamping bell tents in the midst of the beautiful
Los Alcornocales national park, where you will connect with mother nature.
At Vivek´s home base, Finca de La Jara, we have 3 hectares of stunning unspoiled nature bordered by our own river.
Our host Neil will provide delicious nourishing vegetarian and organic food.
The more you unplug from your electronic devices, the faster you’ll open and connect.

Join us at the Silent Retreat


Wednesday to Sunday 11.00 – 13:00 and 17:00 – 19:00
Doors open 30 min prior


490,- without accommodation, travel and food

Finca de la Jara – Rewilding Bushcraft
EUR 250,- per person
– shared (2 persons) 5m glamping tent (fully equipped)
– 3 mostly organic vegetarian meals, tea and fruits freely available all day

Flight to be booked by yourself;
next airports: Jerez de la Frontera, Malaga and Sevilla
ARRIVAL DATE: Tuesday December 4th  (17:00)
DEPARTURE DATE: Sunday December 9th (after the last Satsang + 30 EUR departure on Monday Dec. 10th)



Malena Claudia Mandl
+49 170 9608354


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